The Mess We're In

Many people are troubled today – but few of us understand why. Society's fundamental problem is excessive materialism and reckless greed. Instead of pursuing the greater good, too many of us are motivated by selfishness. Greedy tycoons spend huge sums to buy politicians via expensive elections. Sold out politicians reward their donors with subsidies, biased laws, and the pretense of fair regulations. This weakens our country, especially hurting the working poor and ethnic minorities. Immoral sold-out politicians is also a local problem: the city's ethics board admitted that our city leaders commonly receive gifts of paid travel. City officials have refused to investigate this bribery! Now that I understand how the system of expensive elections fails us, I plan to shine the beacon of hope and the light of truth while we heal and strengthen our community.

Spread the word – vote like your life and country depend on it!