David's Rant

The basic problem with America today is reckless greed, and greed that makes for expensive elections. Politicians need tons of money to finance their elections, and they get it from billionaires. Politicians can't work for themselves, rich campaign contributors, and voters all at the same time. Until we reform elections, we should expect most politicians to be honest to the people that matter – campaign contributors – and lie to everyone else. Making things worse, most news media is controlled by insatiable owners who want more wealth and power. When news has a subtle bias for decades, corporate news media becomes corporate propaganda. Entertainment media extends the problem by praising police who violate civil rights while protecting the status quo.

The above description explains most everything wrong with modern American politics.

A system built on wild greed naturally creates fear, division, injustice, and systemic racism, especially in criminal prosecution.

Corrupt news media encourages collective distrust of social welfare while ignoring corporate welfare. Our government supports powerful companies that treat employees like worn out chairs as manufacturing is sent overseas and corporations stop paying income tax. We allow modern business to pollute our Earth, contribute to global warming, and destroy wildlife habitat. Farms also cause environmental problems by destroying wind breaks because they can't afford regressive property tax on “idle” land.

Our infrastructure is crumbling while Congress cuts taxes on the rich and shifts tax burdens onto people who can least afford it. A broken tax system supports income inequality greater than during apartheid in South Africa

Underfunded government brings huge deficits, state-sponsored gambling (hidden tax on the poor and desperate), unaffordable higher education, and many other problems.

We fight costly foreign wars to rally patriotism, distract the masses, and support a huge military industrial complex. Our corrupt government then protects the criminal politicians who kill millions of innocent people.

Anti-abortion voters get sucked in by politicians who claim to be pro-life but who create laws that encourage poverty, disease, and sickening pollution. “Pro-life” politicians also start horrendous wars that take lives they supposedly protect.

Civil rights are vanishing at all levels of government. Even locally, we are losing the right to trial. City ordinance 117, for example, allows police to take a license "for any good cause" and without trial. State law is no better. According to SD law 22-22-24.3, any activity with nude minors is illegal. This law is unconstitutionally vague, conflicts with other laws, and was used to charge unpopular innocent people.

We have the world's largest prison system. We promote crime by keeping prisoners abused and uneducated. Damaged uneducated people can't find jobs and usually end up back in prison.

Our culture teaches police they are heroes who must be in control. That way they don't notice violating rights, lying to suspects, enforcing corrupt laws, and destroying their own country.

Alcohol prohibition was a disaster for this country and we repeat the same horrible mistake with drug prohibition. Addicts need treatment and healing, not punishment in a prison cage. Criminalizing addiction sends it underground, makes it harder to treat, promotes crime, and gives mobsters great opportunity.

All of these problems and many others can be traced back to greed, expensive elections, and resulting systemic corruption. As a nation, we need to THINK about what is happening in our country, REVOLT against corruption, and VOTE for truth, justice, and healing. We need to get our collective butt in gear, find honest uplifting candidates, and put them in office.

Once elected as mayor, I'll have authority to co-implement many wonderful changes, but I will need your help – understand corruption – understand corporate propaganda – and promote government for the people. The status quo will not yield to reform easily. We will need to write, protest, and organize to reclaim America from the forces of corruption. We will have to work together, but I know we can do this. We the people have done this before, we can do it again. The time to start is now!