City Council Presentations

State law requires city government meetings to include "public input" so that members of the public can address government officials. Unfortunately, politicians are rarely interested in what the public has to say. The problem is that politicians work for their rich campaign donors and not the public. Consequently, public input is largely irrelevant to government meetings and exists mostly for ceremony and pretense. I've certainly seen this in action at city council meetings. With regard to medical cannabis, public input was thoroughly overwhelming in support of modest regulations. City government, in opposition to the wishes of the public, approved harsh regulations to severely limit medical cannabis. Another example is my many presentations regarding civil rights issues, all of which were ignored. Government, even local government, doesn't care what the public wants because government doesn't work for the public.
Nonetheless, I attend many city council meetings to better understand the workings of local government. While I'm there, I present plans for better government. My plans and my analysis of many issues appear here on my website. I'm going to gather these plans and organize them into a book or two. The working title for my book is "What's going on!" subtitled "Guide to practical local government." It's going to be a remarkably influential book that helps start a wave of government for we the people - something we haven't had for a very long time.

Thank you!
Common Bribery
Taking money for trips is a bribe. City's ethics board described common local bribery that city leaders protected. City council should hire a special investigator to reveal bribery. Care about honest government and don't forget to rest in nature.
Digital Billboard Safety
Digital billboards are giant TVs that distract drivers and increase collisions. Faster display changes cause more problems. City ordinance does not allow any image changes but is always violated. Ordinance should be updated and enforced to keep roads safe.
Practical Government
Politicians work for people with money. Sioux Falls has a strong mayor form of government. Loudest minority wins. Progressive actions are usually squashed. There are many false claims in government. We should make the world a better place.
Prayer For Personal Healing
World healing starts with the self. Dear God, help us understand our mission in life. Help us arise from our struggles to reenter your light and love. Open our hearts to the experience of your divinity.
Prayer For Community
Dear Lord, we ask that you wrap our troubled world in your loving arms. Foster our loyalty to people our governments must serve. Help us protect the Earth and our American Constitution. Please touch our leaders to do your will on earth. Thank you heavenly Father for your cherished wisdom, guidance, and love.
Prayer For Social Healing
Feed the fire of divine purpose and shine the light of truth. You have forgotten me, says the Lord God. Whatever we do to the least of us, that we do unto Jesus. Arise oh my people, arise! We are all called to be appointed by God - if we only have the courage.
Divine Right Carries On
Recent city council prayer included: "Father ... You have appointed and anointed each of them ... May they rule with sincerity ..." Most politicians don't care what Jesus taught. Most politicians are anointed by big money to protect big money. Jesus taught us to help people and love one another.
Participatory Government
Government should respond to citizens. An ombudsman would help citizens with bureaucracy. Public input should be valued instead of ignored. Politicians should explain controversial votes. These changes are unlikely because they weaken oligarchy.
7 Now 8 Incidents
I was detained by local police about 8 times over 7 years. Civil rights violated every time. Charged twice (out of 8 stops). Charges were cancelled. Last time was a bogus DUI check that violated my rights. Officer violated rights again by telling ne to stop recording. Obnoxious cop waved his finger in my face, required gymnastics, breathalyzer (I blew 0.00). Replace politicians who condone civil rights abuses.
Retention Bonus, Agenda Item 51
City plans huge retention bonus but there is no retention problem. Looks like buying votes from employees. Bonus was decided without citizen input. Employees were told about bonus before it was approved. Early announcement makes disagreement impractical.
More Vacation, Agenda Item 50
City plans to give more vacation time to employees. Mayor may give unlimited vacation to some employees. No market analysis. Looks like buying employee votes. Taxpayers pay for buying votes. Manipulative rhetoric makes dissent politically impractical. City presentation overstated impact of changes. Politicians should be honest.
Equal Air Time
FCC requires equal air time for political candidates but there are exceptions. Mayor TenHaken had a long radio interview. Gives him an advantage over challengers. Advantage appears to be legal. Ethics are another matter.
7 Incidents, 7 Years
I was illegally detained by Sioux Falls police 7 times in 7 years. Questioned, intimidated, lied to, falsely charged, set up for attack, ... Charged twice, charged dropped. The incidents: 1 - Running, 2 - Running, 3 - Bushwhacking, 4 - Shoveling Dirt , 5 - Headlight Not Required, 6 - Shoveling Silt, 7 - Walking. Needed reforms: Respect innocence, expand police training, respect rights.
Handcuff Safety
Modern handcuffs are risky. Pain compliance is dangerous and traumatic. Handcuffs can be used to assault (injure) people. Excessive force lawsuits can result from handcuff injury. Police have injured Sioux Falls women with handcuffs. Change police procedures and redesign handcuffs to promote safety. We should care about people, even arrestees.
Healing Addiction Part Two
Jaytee has a long history of addicted while poor with many alcohol-related charges. Some charges due to seeking emotional connection. Some charges completely fabricated. Other charges like DUI justified. Trauma + poverty + environment -> addiction, crime. Jail punishes and promotes poverty. Prison means losing job, apartment, property. Family charged for jail basics (email). Reform "criminal justice" system to promote healing. Long term support is necessary to ensure recovery.
Smoother Roads
Freeze thaw cycle causes potholes. Cheap repairs are bumpy. We should identify better repair materials and methods. Use reasonably-paid prison labor for road repairs.
Food Deserts
Food deserts are areas without a supermarket. Caused by income inequality, moving away from crime, unprofitable locations. Deserts make buying healthy food more difficult, more expensive, less practical. Malnourished obese people, diabetes, heart disease. Idealist government provides critical community needs. Convert food deserts into food oases via government subsidy. Also remove sales tax on food and promote urban agriculture.
City Attorney
The city charter should be changed to improve clarity and to say the city attorney provides counsel in the best interest of Sioux Falls citizens.
City Leader Pay
Elected leader pay has not been significantly revised since 1995. It's hard to evaluate mayoral pay, but a pay raise is probably in order. City council responsibility has grown, pay should be increased. At large (but not district) councilors should be full-time (not part-time) to better balance legislature, executive.
Healing Addiction
Addiction is a frantic way to hide your pain and a complex chronic disorder that results in brain changes. There are many addictions. Stress and trauma can lead to addiction which often leads to crime and broken families. Law enforcement is a common reaction to addiction. A better approach is to switch from punishment to healing, decriminalize illegal drugs, promote treatment services, and practice Christian family values by building a shelter for panhandling homeless addicts.
Smoother Valley Gutters
Valley gutters are concrete dips in road intersections. By changing road design we can make smoother intersections without big dips that damage cars.
Rezone By S Ellis Rd
City government really really likes developers. Developer plan puts a collector street where it does not belong. City council supported illegal street location. City should follow city ordinance and place collector street along property lines.
Affordable Housing
People can't afford to buy houses because wages were flat for decades, houses are bigger, education is costly, and super rich are getting richer and buying investment houses. New development is mostly big expensive houses on big lots. People with money benefit from unaffordable housing. Subsidized suburban sprawl keeps prices high. To create affordable housing: close down tax avoidance trusts, change zoning to build tiny houses in addition to big houses, replace monoculture zoning with mixed zoning, and city should plan sample developments.
Hire Law Firm
Why is city hiring Woods, Fuller, Shultz, & Smith law firm? I was shoveling dirt off the bike trail when I was illegally detained by 4 pushy cops. Woods Fuller used unreliable perjured testimony see Zokaites vs Sioux Falls. They introduced a motion to seal records and violate right to fair trial, also misconstrued rulings. City should fire Woods Fuller, promote justice and government for citizens.
More Democratic Government
Expensive elections mean than politicians work for donors, not the people. Political campaigns should be publicly funded. Test tiny districts for more ethical government. Switch to ranked choice voting for better elections. City should encourage civic participation. Non-partisan elections are better. Gerrymandering biases elections in favor of ruling political party. SD legislative districts show gerrymandering. Supreme Court said gerrymandering is ok. Government discourages minority vote. SD has voter disenfranchisement for natives and felons. We should be nice to other people, share wealth, and promote democracy.
Improved Signage
Improved road signs increase safety and reduce collisions. City created new signs "Say no to panhandling." Traffic lights should be consistently placed. Signs should not block sidewalk. Road signs should match the road. Interstate signs should be improved. Use dotted lines to show when lanes merge. Relax and enjoy nature.
Quieter City Addendum
Noise causes stress and shortens life. We can reduce noise and make life nicer. Pile drivers go "bang, bang, bang"and are extremely loud. We should use portable noise barrier to reduce pile driver noise.
Medical Cannabis
Low risk things should have minimal regulation. There are no cannabis overdose deaths. Draft cannabis ordinances are expensive and impractical. We should treat medical cannabis dispensaries like pharmacies.
Creating Crime
Lawmakers criminalize peoples &activities they don't like. Unpopular laws are commonly ignored and create crime. National examples are alcohol and drug prohibition. First local example criminalizes normal parking. Second local example criminalizes walking your dog. Our laws should be corrected.
Public Confidentiality
City attorney wanted to provide secret advice, councilor wanted public advice. City laws maintain confidentiality. Legal guidelines say attorney-client privilege does not apply to government. We should revise city laws to encourage transparency.
Phillips Avenue Parking
Diagonal parking on Phillips Avenue is good for business but makes the road too narrow and unsafe. Some short parking stalls should be extended.
Parking Fines
Fines encourage cooperation and make money for government. City fines increase rapidly if paid late. Fines quadrupling in 31 days is excessive and violates rights. City should respect rights and moderate excessive increases in fines.
Canine Assisted Arrests
Dogs help police arrest difficult suspects and promote officer safety. Sometimes dogs attack the wrong person and cause severe damage. Illegal to defend against a vicious attacking police dog. It is not okay for dogs to chew on suspects, too brutal. City should: limit police dogs to bite and release, regularly re-certify police dogs and handlers, update laws.
Home Rule and Publishing Legal Notices
State laws can limit home rule with an express statement to that effect. Home rule cities like Sioux Falls can supersede state law. Currently SD cities must publish legal notice in the paper. If Sioux Falls superseded state law, we could publish legal notice online and provide better service at lower cost.
Quieter City Life and My Cast
Noise reduces health, well-being and reduces productivity. Noise also shortens life. City should use portable noise barriers; eliminate backup beepers, train horns, and dynamic engine braking. Topic 2: My Cast. I was troubled about civil rights issues and "the system" protecting itself in many ways. System's oath to protect our Constitution is pretense. Don't use machinery when distraught or you will need a cast like mine.
Christian Politics
Our Constitution allows us to pray or not pray as we wish. Our society is mostly Christian. Religion influences life, politics. New Testament largely silent on divisive issues. Jesus the Christ said: love your neighbor, care for troubled people.
Respecting Free Speech Addendum
New book, Rise of the Oathbreakers, discusses broken oath to protect Constitutional rights. August 2019, I presented "Respecting Free Speech." A man was arrested for his free speech. This book includes a critical vignette of this arrest. Our government should respect civil rights.
School Police
Police think it's a great idea to be in schools and keep students safe. Online survey responses ranged from ambivalent to very critical. See "Why There's A Push To Get Police Out Of Schools" on Student viewpoint needs to be determined. We should emphasize mental health & social welfare over law enforcement.
Allowing Murals
City is amending city law 160 to allow murals. Nice!
Safer Handcuffs
Modern handcuffs are smaller, more confining, and more dangerous than slave shackles. Plastic handcuff usage increases injury. Handcuff injuries can be permanent and include nerve damage, bruises, laceration, and broken bones. We need to redesign handcuffs to make them safer. Protect people we're supposed to hate.
Mask Mandate
USA initially ignored COVID and allowed it to spread. CDC recommended no masks, then one, now two. Rights were violated based on exaggerated claims. We had curfews, mask mandates, economic shutdowns, education problems, corruption, small business loans went to big business, ... COVID deaths count was exaggerated, USA death rate did not change. Science is ambivalent about masks. A year later, COVID is no longer an emergency. Base policy on careful science, not human need to do something. Live and enjoy life.
Ethics Board Appointments
Ethics Advisory Board should provide guidance on law and ethics; promote transparency; and not protect a city ethics coverup. Ehics board determined city officials regularly exhibited unethical behavior but refused to investigate. Council should interview ethics board candidates to determine how ethical they are.
Foundation Park TIF
TIF (Tax Increment Financing) borrows planned higher property tax to pay some development costs. TIFs should only be used to fix blighted (slummy) areas. City is using a $100 million tax subsidy TIF to encourage wealth concentration and income inequality by promoting big businesses.
Courthouse Searches
Minnehaha courthouse sign says we all consent to be searched upon entry but employees are not searched and defendants who do not "consent"are jailed. The people who should protect our rights are the people who abuse them.
Agenda Item 40, More Trees
City is updating ordinance 160.485, Landscape standards. This will result in more trees in new developments. Nice!
Promoting Civic Participation
To encourage civic participation, we need to send notice of elections and meetings; publish overviews of issues, stances, agendas. Subscribers can receive information on elections, political meetings, and citizen board meetings. Candidates will provide introductions, mission statement, policy overview, and answer a few questions.
COVID Emergency
COVID had huge medical, economic, and social impact. Newspaper headlines promote fear. Big business benefitted from COVID response. Emergencies are unexpected events that require immediate action. COVID is a year long event. The emergency in SD is over. Use planning to minimize crisis even during a pandemic.
Felony Murder
People barely involved in a felony can be unjustly charged with murder. Happened in Sioux Falls. We should address the social drivers of addiction and crime; repeal felony murder; and care about human rights.
Local Cannabis
Marijuana is not the most common drug. Sugar, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine most common. Marijuana was falsely vilified for decades. Cannabis has great medical properties. Onerous regulations are not justified. Mayor Paul is anti-cannabis. Cannabis should be less regulated than alcohol because it's safer.
COVID Masks, Agenda Item 18
Early intervention and mass testing contain disease. Not the American strategy. CDC changed mask recommendation. City did not respond to my request for science. Government response caused financial & emotional toll. News media exaggerates problem and promotes fear. Mask mandates are not very effective. Healthy living is more important than fear of a flu.
Human Value Of Nature
My council talks finish with a landscape. My scientific reference shows that time in nature promotes good health. Another reference shows that biological diversity evokes happiness. We should Change our lives to invest in nature and be happier people.
Council Meeting Invocations
I wrote two invocations for council meetings, one secular, one prayerful. They're beautiful!
Improving Council Procedures
City meeting access would be improved by emailing agendas. Ethics Board meetings should be video recorded. Abstaining should be allowed. Mayor should require decorum from council. We should have some full time councilors. Mingling after the meeting promotes camaraderie.
Alarming Supreme Court Rulings
Supreme Court reflects views of politicians, not voters. Three rulings help corporations & wealthy buy elections. Two rulings make it impractical to sue for civil rights violations. Four rulings reduce our right to vote. Status quo protects itself, its power. Wealth buys politicians then more wealth. Reform needed!
Ethical Practice
Ethics board has pretense of promoting honest government. City officials received gifts (bribes?) of paid travel. City found ways to delay and derail ethics inquiry. Council should identify all gifts of paid travel over last 2 years. Council, ethics board, and SD DCI ignored my request for transparency; they protect apparent corruption.
Massage Licensing
Regulating agencies usually work for industry, not consumers. Licensing helps guarantee quality of service but increases cost. Humans thrive with physical contact. Victimless crime bothers me - thought police. Enforce license laws, focus on management. Teach, protect, counsel, and employ prostitutes.
Civil Asset Forfeiture
Plan is to take assets from drug dealers and reduce crime. Government can take anything potentially used for drugs. Neither conviction nor criminal charges are necessary. Reclaiming property is nearly impossible. Biased against poor and minorities. Reform is needed.
Ethics Issues
City law 35 encourages ethical government but discourages complaints. City officials commonly received illegal gifts but council doesn't want to know. SD Division of Criminal Investigation ignored my complaint. Ordinance needs improved.
Wealth Concentration
Many parts of our society now promote wealth concentration including prisons, drug prohibition, state sponsored gambling, payday & title loans, inflation, cheap labor, regressive taxation, trust funds, offshore tax havens, Federal Reserve, economic disasters, expensive housing, corrupt government, and war.
Agenda Item 37, Political Gifts
Third party paid travel is illegal for city official. Ethics board thinks local officials commonly accept gifts and no disclosure is needed. Ethics board is unethical, citizens need full disclosure.
Racist Marijuana Enforcement
Marijuana was criminalized via racism. Nixon's war on drugs was used to crush protest. Criminal cannabis helps big business. Blacks and whites use at same rate but SD blacks 5x more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession. We need to change government motives to solve this. Truth, science, compassion not greed, dominance, dishonesty.
Agenda Item 11, Improving Transparency
City council improved transparency when updating ordinance 30, Nice work!
New C.I. Agency
Police don't get near enough training. They should get 2 or 4 year degrees in counseling, civil rights, law enforcement, emergency medicine. Equipping police vans with basic life support would save lives. We need a new C.I. (Community Involvement or Crisis Intervention) agency with new vans, uniforms, and techniques.
Public Input Decorum
Public Input Decorum Decorum, diplomacy, respect all help meetings. There was a loss of decorum last week. It's gentler to address the whole council instead of individual councilors but city can not legally require doing so. The First Amendment supersedes city guidelines, they need updated.
TSA Sexual Assault
I witnessed the TSA commit sexual assault. Sioux Falls police ignored my concern. In Pittsburgh, I tried to talk about sexual assault but was threatened by a TSA agent while a cop watched. I was threatened by another cop in Pittsburgh. My official complaints were ignored. Government protects government, not the people. Reform is needed.
Agenda Item 14, Ambulance Rate Increase
The city's ambulance contract has an automatic rate increase that's reasonable but a little higher than it should be.
American Race Riots
USA has long history of racism. Whites, blacks, and men in blue have all rioted. Worst riot destroyed 35 city blocks! African Americans are incarcerated far more than whites. Destructive city searches encourage bad feeling. We can build community with empathy.
Felony Voter Disenfranchisement
"Prisoners and felons can't vote per SD law until entire sentence (including restitution) is completed. Felons are disproportionately poor, minorities. Restitution is impossible for most felons. Felony voter disenfranchisement makes many second class citizens. Criminal justice should provide more education, healing, and re-integration. Sioux Falls should allow convicts and prisoners to vote."
Progressive Housing
The lack of affordable housing is due to bigger houses, income inequality, and design. Mobile home parks help some. The typical government solution is pretense. Zoning encourages economic segregation and expensive housing. I have plans for a very progressive development that includes smaller houses, low impact development, lots of parks, and keeping trees.
Postponed Rally
My rally permit has not been approved, rejected, nor commented on.
Protesting Racism
George Floyd was arrested then killed by police. There were protests all over the USA and the world. Police culture and government needs reform, even here in Sioux Falls. I am organizing a rally against violence.
Imaginative Multiple Jeopardy
Constitution should protect us from double jeopardy. Someone was charged with charged with four murders after killing one person. Multiple jeopardy violates rights. Reform is needed.
Religious Politics
Religion provides community worship. It can also protect kings, rally political support, be subverted for extremism, or promote social change. Find something big to love.
COVID Consequences
To minimize disease, use science, testing, face masks, isolation. We didn't do that. COVID is little worse than flu. Consequences include social control, corruption, economic shutdown. Unhealthy living causes most deaths. Get more vitality, exercise, vegetables, love, connection.
Barriers to Civil Rights Lawsuits
Civil rights lawsuits help government remember duties to citizens, decency, and our Constitution. Suing for civil rights problems is extremely difficult, I found 12 barriers. We need to rewrite bad laws and overturn unjust rulings.
COVID Response
COVID is worse than seasonal flu but not as bad as heart disease, obesity. We should test many more people for COVID. City should fund a study to compare face masks to social distancing.
Agenda Item 20, Washington Pavilion
Is $355,000 for an architect reasonable for Washington Pavilion repairs? My contractor bro wrote "6-7% is about Architect standard." Fee is reasonable.
More Useful Ethics Board
"Ethics Advisory Board should advise on law, ethics, past events, planned actions. Ordinance 35 only supports legal opinions, not ethics. Board does not like to review hypothetical plans. This is misleading political theater. Please update or repeal ordinance 35."
Trees & Agenda Item 52
Avera included trees in their building plan. Nice Job Avera.
Urban Renewal Programs
These programs correct urban blight; TIFs (Tax Increment Financing) have a 20-year subsidy, no limit on size, wealth. Reduced Tax Program subsidy for 5 years for small projects. Housing Program helps low income owner- occupied. Inequality: mobile homes not covered for the poorest; TIFs help the richest, have great terms.
Public Forum Speech
First amendment trumps ordinance 30.015 and executive order 151 for council meetings. People can say anything at public forums. Politicians can't block polite critics on Facebook.
Various Updates
"Ideas evolve, mistakes happen, update again. Update 1: homeless shelter could use economical huts. Update 2: development standards reduce flooding by slowing drainage. City needs to clarify conflict between ordinance 30.015 and executive order 151 for council meetings."
Agenda Item 25, Campaign Finance
Letting campaign committee open favors wealth - close them after elections. PACs should be eliminated for transparency. Paul TenHaken announced he's running for mayor. He's got competition - me! I was chastised for announcing my candidacy in the same forum that Paul T. announced.
Agenda Item 25, Sioux Steel TIF
TIFs (Tax Increment Financing) are a tax subsidy to encourage urban renewal. City uses TIFs to support projects, not areas. Is the real goal supporting Sioux Steel and Lloyd's?
River & Flood Management
Sioux Falls floods every 5 years. National flood insurance encourages risky building and should be phased out. Skunk Creek flooding could be eased with a long diversion canal. Spillways should be navigable; replace spillway with whitewater park for safety, tourism, environment.
Stormwater Management
Global warming and channelization increase flooding; levees fail occasionally; much of Sioux Falls is protected by levees. Reduce flooding with improved building standards, water permeable pavement, and rooftop detention ponds.
Merry Christmas!
I brought Cookies!
Agenda Item 29: Alcohol License Renewal
Alcohol is popular, profitable, addictive, and destructive. Addiction is part of a cluster of social ills. Problems near Walia Convenience Store; they could do better; city should help.
Bike Trail Design, Flooding
Bike trail is for nature, exercise and workforce development. Reduce flooding on trail to promote utility; raise some trail sections.
Cost Overruns, Fixing Democracy
City should not pay for design failures; builder should pay for cost overruns; expensive elections promote corruption.
Agenda Item 14, Parking Ramp History
I've talked about this project repeatedly; vastly overpriced; cheaper alternatives ignored; secret deal with a disreputable builder; looks like staff got paid off; $1.5 million cost overrun.
Zokaites v. Sioux Falls
People should be decent, police especially. I was illegally detained while cleaning the bike trail. Police intimidation, bogus ticket, perjury. Reform needed, lawsuit proceeding.
Building Scam? & Better Agenda
City projects are in secret, looks like a scam. City pays for construction failures, scam. Contract extended without competition, scam. Better agenda for more transparency, efficiency.
Curbing Racism, Gangs, Sex Slavery, ...
Hate group legally recruiting; politics of fear support hate; drug prohibition gives work to the desperate; can sex work be legalized to reduce crime? Address social ills to reduce crime and racism; rest in nature, love more, hate less.
Bike Trail Expansion, Agenda Item 41
Expanding the bike trail is a great idea! Use more underpasses, minimize flooding, and enjoy city life.
Budgeting Process, Lower Cost Safety, Agenda Item 47
Mayor should coordinate more with council and public. Police budget is 1/4 of operating expense. Better policing includes sane drug policy, reduce homelessness, care for troubled kids, less intimidation, better road design, ...
Respecting Free Speech
Mark B yelled "F*** the police" tacky but legal; charged with 3 crimes; SD previously ruled cursing cops is "protected speech." Reform is needed; I pledge allegiance to Truth, People, our rights ...
"Respite Park" Homeless Shelter
Poverty, childhood trauma, and addiction encourage homelessness. We need a new tent-based shelter to promote recovery, invest in troubled people, and reduce crime.
Floodplain Management and a Zoning Change
Don't build in the floodway; levees promote downstream flooding; don't zone floodplain as industrial; preserve environmentally-friendly waterways.
City staff usually amazingly fast email responses; often receptive to suggestions, recommendations; nice work!
Independence Day Accountability
Local politicians were threatened, that's disturbing, but they're protected. No one protects me from overzealous police. Leaders took an oath to uphold our Constitution and provide "equal protection under the law."
Bike Trail Flooding
Snow melt floods bike trail at multiple locations; global warming increases flooding. We should raise lowest points of bike trail and add some access paths.
Drug Strategy
Illegal drugs cause fewer deaths than legal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, suicide, or firearms. Prohibition was not designed to reduce addiction! We need a scientific assessment of drug danger; cannabis is safer than alcohol. Turn in your stash, go to treatment. Prescription heroin reduces addiction, theft, disease; $5,000 bounty for meth dealers.
Special Council Meetings
Special council meetings should be announced at the previous regular meeting; please meet regular place, regular time; encourage public participation.
River Safety
A low head dam is submerged, almost invisible; hydraulic roller below spillway causes drowning; we have unmarked dams; replace them with rock ramps; put ring buoy by Falls Park for safety.
"1) Public Input Law and 2) Open Parks Board"
Revised law reduces time for addressing the council but allows for input on first reading; why no more electronic presentations? Were my PowerPoints too effective? Parks board meeting audio now posted online - nice!
Oath of Office
New leaders swear "I ... do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States ..." but politicians ignore unconstitutional processes and condone police perjury. This is distressing and tragic.
Bike Trail Update: Please Expedite
I want to fix some problems but can't get a permit, please expedite.
Changing The Guard
I commend political candidates, it takes dedication; new leaders should make changes: cancel parking ramp scam, expand drug treatment programs.
Bike Trail Issues
Update ordinance 95.024 to assure night access; prevent silt on trail; pave some access points; I want to deliver gravel.
Improving Council Transparency
Consent agenda consolidates "uncontroversial minor" items but can hide bad policy; council meetings should be divided into 3 sections alcohol licensing, zoning, and city business. Allow public input at first reading.
Noise Reduction
Train horns make noise pollution; they're vastly louder than city limits; we should create no-horn zones to make life more pleasant.
Politicians Follow
Candidates promise what voters want but deliver what rich donors want. We're not supposed to know USA is #1 in prisons; money is in control; news supports developers. Good that candidates advocate drug treatment.
Everything's OK and Transparent Secret
People want to NOT know about hard problems (such as nuclear reactor in a tsunami zone); city has bad deals in Agenda broad daylight: selling city land at 90% of value, boondoggle parking ramp.
Build It Now
Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and TIFs (Tax Increment Financing) encourage corruption; city decisions favor developers because money talks; I list biased decisions.
Music, Allegory
Music can be so expressive; I wrote lyrics for the "Zombie Walk" parade, an allegory for our time.
1) Premier Center Siding and 2) Music, Allegory
City approved flat siding to save money; enjoy my music video, "Take Back The Night"
Fixing Building Issues
I plan to cancel the overpriced parking ramp. Premier Center siding looks bumpy and tacky; they failed to account for thermal expansion; dubious settlement; builder should fix it.
1) Discussion Tactics 2) Let's Make A Deal
Distracting emotional arguments support bad decisions; an iconic truck would cost twice as much but not work well, just like the iconic parking ramp.
Parking Ramp Mechanisms
People like traditional methods; denial helps bad ideas; shady parking ramp contractor; council should listen to citizens and cancel bad contract.
Combining Elections (Agenda Item 30)
Combining city and school board elections is a great idea.
Parking Ramp Questions
I have 20 questions about this ramp regarding cost and secrecy. The project looks like a reward for campaign contributions.
Parking Ramp Complex Costs
Walker report said $9 million to build a parking ramp but city is spending $21 million; gift to builder; I wrote uplifting song named "Parade of Lights."
Proposed Parking Ramp Complex
"An existing parking ramp could be expanded; city proposes expensive parking ramp complex; secret bid process. $56,800 per constructed public space but local median cost is $20,000. Reward for campaign contributions?"
Police Improvements
Pursue accreditation; invite DOJ review; implement body cameras; remove push bumpers; more friendly police; treatment for addicts.
Apparent Sioux Falls Corruption
Expensive elections result in corruption; city changed election laws to favor wealth; police violate rights; plea bargain system violates rights; secrecy promotes corruption; unconstitutional laws should be corrected; reform government. Restricted & Vicious Animals, Updating Ordinance 90 09/19/17 The law protects citizens from vicious dogs; city plans to exempt police from accountability; I recommend limited exclusion instead.
Restricted & Vicious Animals, Updating Ordinance 90
The law protects citizens from vicious dogs; city plans to exempt police from accountability; I recommend limited exclusion instead.
Drug Prohibition Part 3 of 3
Some human trafficking supports addiction; alcohol addiction helped organized crime; propaganda persists; prohibition causes more problems than addiction; treatment reduces addiction and crime; some industries benefit from prohibition; drug amnesty would help; we need better policies.
Drug Prohibition Part 2 of 3
Illegal drugs kill very few people; alcohol is worse than cannabis; cannabis was criminalized to hurt dark racial minorities; Nixon's war on drugs attacked protest movements.
Drug Prohibition Part 1 of 3
Too much unrealistic rhetoric; 23% of us are binge alcohol users; drug prohibition does not prevent drug abuse but creates crime and puts many people in jail.
Zoning at 6th and Bahnson
Six acres of city "ag" land will be rezoned; owner wants high price; neighbors want residential area; builders want intense use; I suggest a partnership to make a park.
Bike Trail Improvements
The trail is beautiful, being extended, signs added, widened. Cut grass a little taller; police patrols should be on bike; need more signs; fix more bends; prevent silt on trail.
The Flow of Power
Unconstitutional laws are not changed; petitions are ignored; meetings are for ceremony not real dialogue; power flows from campaign donors to senior officials then to clique then to legislature.
One Dead Bulb
I got an unjustified citation; I tried to charge an officer with perjury but was threatened with arrest.
Improving Traffic Safety
Dangerous repairs on I-229 during rush hour; signs and lights would help; can busy highways be repaired at night?
Our Bike Trail
City bike trail provides beauty, nature, exercise. Needs straightened, more signs, make it bigger.
Earth Day: Planting Trees
I plan to have all city employees plant 4 small trees for random residents.
Dedicating our meetings
Council meetings now open with prayer to Christian God and Pledge of Allegiance. I plan to write a pledge/dedication and encourage others to write their own.
David Z for Mayor
Government for we the people! I want to work with citizens, councilors for responsible government. What can we accomplish together?
Zoning Aesthetics
Zoning is controversial, affects property values, and limits construction; tract housing should be varied; homeowners don't like big apartment buildings nearby.
1) Recording Meetings 2) Revise Ordinance 55
City board meetings should be video recorded; new ordinance 55 needs revised: change the title, clarify time for correction, reduce extreme penalty, eliminate multiple jeopardy, require a search warrant.
Multiple Jeopardy
Constitution says one bad action is one crime against one law; USA has multiple overlapping laws; one bad action is multiple offenses with long prison sentences - that's unconstitutional and keeps us subdued.
Happy New Year
Christmas is a season of camaraderie; I brought cookies!
Public Speaking Guidelines
For better meetings: stay calm, focus on one topic, offer a solution, and be nice.
Georgia Girl + Local Doctor
SD teenage sex laws are dangerously broad and harsh; it's risky to call police; government makes it very hard to testify for defense.
Entertainment as Indoctrination
Some crime TV shows encourage civil rights violations: solitary confinement, illegal search, prisoner abuse, lying to a suspect, lying to the public, shoot to kill. We should use healthier entertainment.
1) Alcohol and Law 2) Mass Incarceration
Alcohol is a popular social sedative; the most popular drug; some bars sell too much. USA has world's largest prison population; unnecessary "sheltering in place" turns schools into jails; defend liberty.
Decorum & Related Topics
Decorum and mutual respect makes life nicer; most people hate to be challenged; diplomacy helps.
Push Bumpers
A push bumper is a battering ram on a police car; increases risk of pedestrian death in a collision; they should be removed.
Modeling Government
Expensive elections favor rich donors; political decisions support donors and corruption; government controls our world; public must finance elections.
Police Violence
I was detained and bullied by police who violated my rights; they tried to provoke me; government protects bad police; reform is needed.
Proposed Administrative Building
City ignored a citizen petition; council rhetoric was unrealistic; cheaper alternatives were ignored.
Project TRIM and Ordinance 94
City regulations for trimming and removing trees violate our right to due process; people are fined without a hearing; some fines are not supported by law, that makes them illegal.
Robin's Presentation and My Book
Robin was searched without a warrant. Similar to my painful, dangerous experience. Rights are being gradually eroded. People who trade freedom for security retain neither. We're not supposed to notice corruption, greed, Earth destruction, ... Reform needed. I started a book "Reclaiming our American Democracy." Revolution of the mind, spirit.