Ignored Issues

It really bothers me that politicians and news media ignore the biggest issues of our time. I'm on a mission to uncover these problems and find solutions. The underlying cause of most problems is that our government has been sold out and we're not even supposed to know. We're not supposed to notice government making policies to help rich campaign contributors – even here in Sioux Falls. We're not supposed to know the biggest builders have undue influence, receive TIF subsidies that reduce school funding, and demolish aging affordable housing. Publicly funding elections would help reclaim politicians' loyalty and promote efficient government. Plus affordable housing can be expanded with improved zoning and tiny housing movement principles.

People simply don't realize the USA has the world's largest prison system. Prisons are full due to constant wars on crime, terror, and drugs. We want to believe drug prohibition promotes public health. Actually, treating addiction as a disease would radically reduce crime internationally, save great expense, and help people heal their lives. Part of the prison problem is due to disproportionate convictions among poor and minorities. And that is largely due to unaffordable defense, overlapping laws, selective enforcement, and overworked public defenders. Too many accused are forced to plea bargain thereby abandoning their right to trial. Our TV crime dramas encourage overzealous enforcement by portraying civil liberty violations as if they reduce crime and keep us safe. We should stop watching this mind numbing entertainment and instead enjoy outdoor family recreation. Reentry services and job placement would reduce recidivism and help ex-cons get back on their feet.

While they're ignoring fundamental problems, many politicians make completely unrealistic promises to solve surface problems and we all get fooled repeatedly. Instead of discussing issues, candidates sponsor malicious attack ads. Other politicians spout emotional catchphrases, rarely say anything substantial, and still manage to get elected. Voters must recognize these trends and demand realistic actual policy from all candidates.

These problems tear at my heart because they cause so much suffering and hide so much corruption. When we're all afraid of crime, terror, and drugs, we don't notice politicians cutting social programs to pay for corporate subsidies. Constantly readdressing abortion, voter fraud, and mask mandates adds to the confusion. When we're being traumatized by an opioid epidemic, we don't notice a massively overpriced local parking ramp being awarded to a disreputable builder.

I seek the whole truth without exaggeration or pretense. My upcoming administration will be science-based, practical, and open. Together, we can conquer prevailing political discord with knowledge, humanity, and determination. I want to help people understand what's really happening and lead us to a better tomorrow with truth, integrity, and compassion!