David's Plans As Mayor

There are many valuable changes I want to make as mayor, but I won't promise more than I can deliver. Most important will be a framework of government for WE THE PEOPLE instead of primarily for rich campaign donors. Working with City Council and city employees, we will revise local laws to promote THE COMMON GOOD of all Sioux Falls citizens. Government for the people will enable transparency instead of secrecy, open records instead of secret deals, respecting petitions instead of ignoring them, reasonable spending instead of massively overpriced construction, increased resources for better roads, encouraging people to vote, and reasonable penalties for small crimes. Instead of harshly treating prisoners, I want to mentor, teach, and employ them to promote healing and reintegration into society.

Crime and drugs are closely related. There is a great deal of deliberate disinformation about both crime and drugs. Studies show that cannabis is safer than legal opioids and alcohol. Other studies show that alcohol and tobacco are the gateway drugs, not marijuana. Disinformation promotes fear and racism while protecting pharmaceutical, alcohol, and prison industries. Legalizing marijuana would reduce crime, increase farm income, reduce prison costs, and lower use of dangerous opiates. Additionally, replacing prison time with drug treatment will reduce crime and keep us all safer. A huge bounty on meth suppliers and a large bounty on meth dealers will help that dangerous drug disappear.

We will make Sioux Falls greener by planting many trees (including fruit trees) along the river. Planting trees and incorporating solar heat in public buildings will help the city do its part to reduce global warming. Other green plans are extending our lovely bike path, promoting urban agriculture, encouraging food forests, and switching some areas to native wildflowers that don't need mowing. Additionally, we will partner with the state to clean up the Big Sioux River. Rain gardens and murals on bridge piers will help beautify our city.

Other changes I plan are to increase police training, reduce noise pollution, repair some busy roads at night instead of during the day, enforce laws fairly instead of bowing to favoritism, make it safer to report crimes, and adjust zoning to build affordable housing such as tenant-owned mobile home parks.

Facts, evidence, and science are far more beneficial than misleading rhetoric. Evidence promotes positive change while dogmatic rhetoric is often used to defend an entrenched elite. Fact-based policy, openness, and integrity are all essential to my life. They will likewise be inherent in my upcoming administration.

Spread the word – vote like your life and country depend on it!