Call to Action - Pitch In and Help

It's great to understand what's happening, but it's more important to correct problems. We need to understand expensive elections and systemic corruption. We need to reclaim our government and vote for truth, justice, and healing. Plus we can reduce crime, create affordable housing, protect rights, and fix those bumpy roads! Until the people get involved and vote, we should expect more of the same old. Please sign up for periodic updates on my web site and tell your friends what's going on. I'm not rich, so please donate a little at and help our campaign. Thanks! And VOTE so we can create a better world together.

  • Tell your friends about me and my message
  • Post my campaign flyer somewhere
  • Email me and I'll send you some flyers
  • Read my upcoming blog
  • Send my blog articles to your friends
  • Donate a little money
  • Wear a "David Z for Mayor" tee shirt around town

I had some totally awesome tee shirts made up. If you make a contribution to the cause, I'll be happy to mail you a shirt (sizes small to 4XL). The number of shirts is limited by my budget and your generosity.

An unfortunate reality of modern politics is that money really helps drive a campaign. I grossed about $62,000 last year and I've already poured $9,000 of my own money into this campaign. If you could help with a donation of any amount, that would be wonderful!

Campaign finance laws require us to report name, address, email, and phone for all donations. Donations are limited to $1000 or less.

Thank you so much for your help! Together we can change the world and reclaim our government! We can spread honesty, compassion, and government for the people!


Please complete our CONTACT FORM or email DAVIDZ@DAVIDZFORMAYOR.ORG to request a t-shirt after donating. Please make sure to include your mailing address and shirt size requested. SIZES: Small - 4XL